Review: ''CH Under The Sea'' by Carolina Herrera

Review: ''CH Under The Sea'' by Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera’s yearly CH releases are definitely something to look forward to. From the scent to the design of the bottle, they are a fantastic collectors item for any fragrance aficionado. 

This year's release is CH Under The Sea For Her & For Him.

For Her:

Top notes: Pomelo, Seaweed and Rose

Middle notes: Coconut and Ylang-Ylang

Base notes: Vanilla and Sandalwood

The box and bottle are absolutely spectacular. Wrapped in a muted purple velvet fabric that fits aesthetically with the tones of the other CH perfumes, this purple invokes a sense of calmness accompanied by the luxurious looking embellishments of seashells and starfish as well as the signature “CH” from the yearly collection. Truly a gorgeous bottle.

When first smelling the perfume, the femenine marine and citrus notes transport you into a more fresh, relaxed and beachy environment. After a few minutes, the coconut, ylang-ylang and vanilla settle to form a very femenine fresh, floral scent. As it settles more and more, the sandalwood helps the scent stand its ground and move away from the youthful citrus into a more refined, delicate scent while still keeping true to all of its notes.

Overall, a very proper Amber Floral scent with a nice twist in the opening. It’s a scent that keeps true to Carolina Herrera’s usual smell palette. So if you enjoy her other fragrances like 212 VIP Rose, this one is definitely worth a try.

For Him:

Top notes: Juniper and Angelica

Middle notes: Sea notes and Violet Leaf

Base notes: Cashmeran and Vanilla 

The square bottle is also covered in a beautiful navy blue velvet fabric and embellished with a flawless red and gold lobster which can possibly simulate The Little Mermaid (Sebastian is that you?). It has the classic “CH” on the bottom right corner. A youthful and playful but very masculine bottle indeed.

The opening of this scent has a fresh, musky, aromatic scent that leads. As it keeps going, the fresh and the woody notes seem to both try to dominate in a very pleasant way. At the beginning the fresh notes dominate. However, after the perfume has finished settling, the cashmere definitely comes through giving a musky, woody and slightly spicy aroma. These notes combined with the very slight sweetness of the vanilla and the very fresh notes from the violet leaf and sea notes, create a very divine fresh, musky scent. A very masculine yet not so harsh scent. 

It’s worth noting that there are slight variations in the ingredients and scents between CH Under The Sea and last year’s CH Beast. They are both very similar with Under The Sea being moderately less green and more marine, fresh overall. CH Beasts contains the same notes plus: Juniper Berries, Black Pepper, Balsam Fir and Labdanum.

Overall, these are two very pleasant and easy to wear fragrances that are a great addition to Carolina Herrera’s collection of CH fragrances. 

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