Review: ''Phantom'' by Paco Rabanne

Review: ''Phantom'' by Paco Rabanne

When it comes to ‘’Phantom’’ the new fragrance by Paco Rabanne, the words that come to mind are: modern, futuristic and playful.  

And that is exactly what the brand wanted when creating this perfume. As described by them, Phantom is ‘’a futuristic aromatic fragrance born from the clash between luxury craftsmanship and new-tech.’’ And we wouldn’t describe it any other way.

Just from looking at the bottle, you get transported into what feels like the future as you are welcomed by a friendly looking robot. When you place your phone on top of the bottle, it takes you to Phantom Universe. There, you can find 3 different options? That Phantom offers. The first one is music, where you will find a playlist full of history’s greatest number ones. You get to pick a date and the number one song trending that specific date in different years will play. It has everything from Elvis Presley up to Cardi B.

If you click on the second option, it will open the Instagram app and take you to an exclusive filter where you can take a selfie with Phantom, the robot. The last option will also take you to Instagram filters where you can play a really fun game of helping Phantom dance which will earn you points that you can later share with your friends. 

Overall, the bottle and packaging take the perfume to the next level and make the experience of purchasing a perfume, even more exciting and interesting. Especially for the younger generations. 

Part of the reason why Paco Rabanne calls this fragrance ‘’modern’’ and ‘’futuristic’’ is because it’s a vegan and clean formula. Which definitely goes hand in hand with the revolutionary and futuristic aspect of the vision for this fragrance. The scent itself was designed with the help of A.I. to find specific ingredients that work with the scent receptors and help trigger your brain to feel certain specific things. In this case, the creators wanted the person wearing the perfume to feel sexy, confident and alert. Based on those feelings, Phantom is what they came up with:

Top notes: Lavender, Lemon Zest and Amalfi Lemon

Middle notes: Lavender, Apple, Smoke, Earthy Tones and Patchouli

Base notes: Vanilla, Lavender and Vetiver

The opening of this fragrance is a colorful yet not overpowering citrus. The combination of lemon and lavender create an energetic but calmed atmosphere which is very pleasant. After a few minutes the citrus starts to slow down and the green and earthy tones begin to be released. This makes the fragrance take on a more serious note while still being very youthful.

After some time passes by, it becomes more and more of a delightful mixture of scents that combine perfectly to create a soft aromatic, green fragrance. You still get some citrus but in a more reduced way. In this stage the lavender steps up. Lavender is constant throughout all the stages of the fragrance so if you’re a fan of this ingredient, you are sure to enjoy Phantom.

A truly pleasant perfume from the moment you open the box until you’ve been lost smelling it for a few hours. Once again, Paco Rabanne outdid themselves because this is not only a fragrance, it’s an experience. 

What are your thoughts?

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